Skier Stars In TV Documentary

From Regional Mobility

“The first week of this new year Winter Park’s Martha Hill, a member of the US. Handicap Ski Team and one of the best female handicapped athletes in the county, was concerned about something she never had to care about before. Taking off her goggles on the chairlift and holding her face up to the sun at every available opportunity, Martha was trying to prevent the ski racer’s racoon eye tan.

Hill’s face protection wasn’t for vanity, but for visual consistency on film. In January Martha was on a month-long break from the movie set in the Carribean where cameras would look for her tan lines to be those of a scuba diver and swimmer rather than skier…”

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It’s What’s On Top That Counts

From Winter Park Manifest

“There is no question who is the sweeteet young thing of the valley in the winter time–without a doubt Mary Jane is the darlin’ of Winter Park. But the snow goes away, so do the skiers and the lovely Mary Jane turns green with jealousy as she loses her status to the myriad summer delights of the area. She is a woman scorned. Few of the boys rome to see her any more, and she seems to have let herself go…”

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Racer Chaser

From Winter Park Manifest, February 13, 1981

“Roger Neiley has this recurring nightmare. He is stretched out on a beach, basking in the sun on the warm sand, relaxed and falling into a deep sleep. In the haze of the sun, he makes out a speck. The speck gets closer and closer and is followed by an endless line of specks. As they draw nearer, Neiley recognizes the specks as racers…”

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Colorado Arlberg Club Lives on At Ski Area

From Alpenglow Magazine

“Nestled into a comforter of snow, five little ginger bread houses sleep peacefully in the lap of the booming metropolitan ski area of Winter Park. These five Swiss-style chalets, built over the last 50 years around the first orginal Alpine ski clubhouse in Colorado, are the home of the Colorado Arlberg Club.

The Colorado Arlberg Ski Club was formed in Denver in 1929 by a group of eight avid skiers. They named it after the then popular ski style developed in Arlberg, Switzerland, and chose as their insignia an A crossed with a ski. They started out skiing the foothills of Denver, and then migrated to Winter Park– then called West Portal–on the Denver and Salt Lake Railroad. The sight opened up to them at the end of the Moffat Tunnel would warm the cockles of their ski-pickin’ hearts.”

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Winter Park’s Blueprint for the Future

From Alpenglow Magazine

“In the late 70’s, the Winter Park Ski Area, which had alway depended on its Denver day-skier market, got its first big plug by the national ski magazines. Said one ski writer, ‘‘If Winter Park were a restaurant, it’d be called ‘Joe’s Eats,’” and when the article went on to describe friendly downhome atmosphere and good skiing, the ski area was on its way to becoming the destination resort area it was aiming for with the development of the Mary Jane.

The Town of Winter Park, which had just been incorporated from the village of Hideaway Park, did not earn the same regard, however, by the national media. Described in the same article as ‘‘a fairly uninspired strip along Highway 40,’’ Winter Park has been working ever since on turning the haphazard strip-city development, which might have occurred in response to the ski area’s rapid gvowth into an inspired and controlled growth, which would interface with the ski area expansion and avoid some of the pitfalls experienced by other mountain resort communities.

Now, eight years later…”

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The Foghorn Sounds Again

From Alpenglow Magazine

“‘I don’t care what your mother told you–spread your legs!’

Dave Bertoni, one of Winter Parks Ski School’s ski instructors, recalls fecetiously that you might be in Loveland and hear this demand echo across the mountains from Winter Park where Maury “Foghorn” Flannagan would be practicing his unique style of teaching skiing…”

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Happy Rails to You

From Powder Magazine

“Skiers on Winter Park’s slopes stop to watch a miniature train scene below. Soot-caked black engines roar out of a hole in the Continental Divide and then rail past the ski area. All except for an unusual chain of yellow coaches. Barely outside the tunnel, it heaves a sigh of cinder and smoke, sets it edge on rail and stops.

The Moffat Tunnel can be seen from almost anywhere on the front face of the Winter Park mountain. A steady stream of rail traffic appears to be eaten-up and spit-out by this curious orifice in the face of the mountain. The sight of colored boxcars strung like a candy necklace, followed by the roar of black chains of coal cars stops even the most intent snowplowing skier to stare in amazement…”

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