From Alpenglow Magazing

“If you didn’t have an athletic consciousness before you started skiing, chances are you’ll develop one.

Once most people have caught on to the joy and sophistication of rereational skiing, they learn that the can have even more fun if they improve their skills and strength. And this involves a concept called conditioning.”

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Pushing the Limits

From Powder Magazine

“At Winter Park they’ll teach anyone to ski. It is enough of a marvel that Director George Engel’s ski school manages to get fledgling Floridians sliding down the mountain on that funny white stuff theyve never even seen before, never mind mastered for maximum ambulation. But consider the wonder of teaching a cerebral palsied person who has never walked faster than a snail in molasses, whose boots take him a fumbled half- hour to buckle, who has never moved through space without intense concentration of energy, but who through the Handicap Program finds himself whizzing down the hill on that same stuff that every winter before has been his mortal enemy.”

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May Is Divine

From Winter Park Manifest

“May is unique among months. Otherwise known as the off season, or in normal years, the mudseason, May is the valleywide reward that follows a hard winter. It is the Afterlife of suffering ski town souls. It proves that we are all good people, because when Winter Park dies in May, its residents go to heaven.”

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Scant Snow Stops World Speed Trials

From Winter Park Manifest, May 8, 1981

“Franz Weber, a 25-year-old pro racer from Austria who skis for Winter Park, was so sure he could beat the World Speed Skiing record of 124.04 miles an hour that Friday night after he’d won the championships he was making plans to return on Sunday to Storm Peak Basin with the current world record holder, the two of them going all out on the new snow.”

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Disabled Worlds Are Off to a Stunning Start

From Ski Racing

“WINTER PARK — If the super Gs were any indication, the next two weeks of action here are going to be something to behold. The level of competition was stunning. That’s the best way to describe the first few days of racing here at the 1990 First Interstate Bank World Disabled Ski Championships, an event that runs through March 6…”

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Skier Stars In TV Documentary

From Regional Mobility

“The first week of this new year Winter Park’s Martha Hill, a member of the US. Handicap Ski Team and one of the best female handicapped athletes in the county, was concerned about something she never had to care about before. Taking off her goggles on the chairlift and holding her face up to the sun at every available opportunity, Martha was trying to prevent the ski racer’s racoon eye tan.

Hill’s face protection wasn’t for vanity, but for visual consistency on film. In January Martha was on a month-long break from the movie set in the Carribean where cameras would look for her tan lines to be those of a scuba diver and swimmer rather than skier…”

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