Kathryn graduates with MFHA


 Kathryn E. Smith, MFCA, HHA, and GA

“Dear Ms. Smith:

You have achieved a Master’s of Fine Arts.in Caring  MFAPCA from Cale Kenney’s comprehensive course in Household Management and Client Care for the ambitious and industrious but burnt-out disabled consumers who strive for independence (while chronically ill and in denial).

You likewise gained knowledge and mastery in language and healing arts: You demonstrated capacity for:

  • Reading medicine bottles in Latin
  • Deciphering “to do” lists in Greek scribble
  • Decoding warranties in Chinese-English
  • Translating canine growls and barks into action plans and dinners,.
  • And finally in cracking code in client’s body language to determine “what’s the matter?”
  • Interpreting Boston City streets maps
  • Scouting out and scoring free parking places in Bost, Danvers, Peabody, Salem and Burlton.
  • Navigating Patient Gateway on internet for Dr. Ejaz
  • Memorizing the contents of the bathroom tub, office closet, and upstairs storage unit
  • Tolerating cheerfully shopping trips through Macy’s, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Building 19+

Special Healing Arts

  • Converting diet to Grey Sheet Anonymous by weighing and measuring food until 25 lbs were lost
  • Inspecting client’s left “butt” area for healing sores
  • Examining the dog’s cheek so he might heal, too.   
  • Scrutinizing plants for slugs and green bugs .
  • Scanning the microwave and sugar/flour area for larvae and moths, and finally for
  • Tracking and hunting down lost pills, glasses, keys, remotes, batteries et al.under the bed.
  • Lending Moral Support in wound care centers and prosthetic hip helmet factories
  • Commandeering the calendar, scheduling doctors, dogs groomers, and Democrats, book group,Oprah


The client who had been lied to, stolen from, and had lost a perceived quality of life stated she felt she finally hired someone who truly cared and made a difference in her life lending her a sense of continuity to better see the future.. “Kathryn paid attention to every detail in everything and everybody. I loved to hear her voice.”

She will never forget when on your time off weekends you twice magnanimously delivered her to her first Democratic Summer Social in Beverly, and you brought your husband back with you to allow her to return home in her own vehicle. She will never forget when you brought over your whole family to hers to switch the living room “fireplace” and couch to opposites sides. Likewise, she is so grateful for the garden and the special care and placement of bushes and flowers, shoveling holes and raking dirt, not to mention assuring provision of Miracle Grow and three containers twice dailyl. Finally, client feels you personally, physically cared through rain, shine and migraines to provide the faith, hope, and charity that nourish human souls.

Through wound care, prosthetic clinics, wheelchair fittings, rehab clinic snafus, and my crazy life,

you got me there!!!.

You have been a chauffeur, an attendant, a cook, and a saint, and I hope you will graduate me heretoforthwithfrom in perpetuity from being a client to being a true friend.

I love you, Kathryn.

God Bless You

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