Chapter Five: The First

Continued from Chapter Four: No Accidents

Dear Charlene:

You wanted to know:  What has my life been like?

For a long time I didn’t tell my story, my sense of grief and loss so profound that to put them in words and sentences would be to lessen them. So, now as I try to tell my story, I can’t decide whether to start with the best or the worst. Maybe the first.

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Kathryn graduates with MFHA


 Kathryn E. Smith, MFCA, HHA, and GA

“Dear Ms. Smith:

You have achieved a Master’s of Fine Caring  MFAPCA from Cale Kenney’s comprehensive course in Household Management and Client Care for the ambitious and industrious but burnt-out disabled consumers who strive for independence (while chronically ill and in denial).
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